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Beginner Yoga (Evening)


Rs. 1000


1 Month (March)

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About the Course

Beginners' Yoga is meant for those who haven't yet started a regular yoga practise. If you are new to yoga and want to start with the right course, this is the one for you. We work on basic poses to increase your flexibility, mobility, posture and strength.

A typical session starts with a short warm up and sun salutations. These sessions are limited to 30 people per session as the instructor has to individually work on each student's alignment.


Download the Zoom app so you can take our live classes or your private sessions. Login/signup using the zoom email ID that you have written on payment form. Once you have installed the Zoom app and have logged in using the email ID given to us, entering a class or session is as easy as clicking the link we send via email or text then entering the one time password.

Download the Zoom app here

Want to Airplay or screen mirror the Zoom app live to your enabled smart TV?

Click Here for instructions on an Apple device

Click Here for instructions on an Android device.

Your Instructor

Nipun Yadav

Nipun Yadav

Nipun Yadav is an yoga instructor from Dehradun. Even before he started yoga, he could do complete backbends very easily, being blessed with amazing flexibility. While he has been practising for 8 years, it is only recently that he started teaching yoga as an instructor.

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