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Breathing Meditation For Students


Rs. 350


1 Month (March)


About the Course

Maintaining your focus on your studies for hours daily might seem a daunting task. But, in order to crack a competitive exam or to get into your desired college, or to learn an art, it is a must.

A meditation session can go a long way in helping you maintain your focus for hours at stretch.

Researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center claim meditating can change the structure and function of the brain through relaxation, which can:

  • Increase focus and learning concentration

  • Improve memory and attention span

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Build stronger immune system and greater physical/psychological resilience

  • Allow better sleep

We are offering a 30 minute daily meditation session to students to cultivate a habit of meditation. The sessions also discuss on the mindfulness practises for the students to use when they can't concentrate on studies.


Download the Zoom app so you can take our live classes or your private sessions. Login/signup using the zoom email ID that you have written on payment form. Once you have installed the Zoom app and have logged in using the email ID given to us, entering a class or session is as easy as clicking the link we send via email or text then entering the one time password.

Download the Zoom app here

Want to Airplay or screen mirror the Zoom app live to your enabled smart TV?

Click Here for instructions on an Apple device

Click Here for instructions on an Android device.

Your Instructor

Shubhi Singh

Shubhi Singh

Shubhi Singh is an alumna of IIM Indore, with 2 IITians in her immediate family. She worked for Aditya Birla for 2 years before founding Doon Yoga. She is also the founder of a boutique marketing consulting agency. Yoga & Meditation have always been her strength since the time she was a student. She is a native of Dehradun- a city at an hour's distance from Rishikesh- the yoga capital of the world. She has provided meditation courses/counselling to more than 500+ students uptil now.

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