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How to Meditate for Beginners

Meditation seems like a daunting tasks for beginners. When you sit down for meditation for the very first time, you might get overwhelmed by mere observation of the amount of thoughts that come to you. You might also get one more thought on top of them- it is impossible to actually focus on your breath for even 10 seconds without giving in to the flood of random thoughts that come your way.

As an advanced meditation practitioner, I want to tell you that we all have been there. At the beginning, it takes more and more efforts to even be able to take one step ahead in meditation journey.

My advice is- do not rush and do not give up. The beginners face a lot of challenges in meditation and that is okay. You will get past this. Take baby steps. If you have to, start with 1 minute and keep adding 1 minute everyday. That works.

Taking a meditation course helps you to practise with everyone and when you feel stuck, you can take help of your instructor rather than giving up.

For those who want to meditate on their own, here is a 15 minute meditation music, with instructions for beginners in the caption (open the video in youtube to see the caption)-

I hope you enjoy meditating.

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